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Headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and with a vast experience in importing complex and diverse high quality tools from different industry categories – that specializes in healthcare equipment to construction fixing solutions – and made successful selling deals to big petroleum and gas industry leaders, Mohamed & Abdul Rahman Al-Othman Co. (also known as Al-Othman Trading & Contracting) is a 100% Saudi owned partnership company.

Our main purpose is to work with specialized industrial equipment designers to provide the local industries in Saudi Arabia with the right supplies of equipment, that’s why we pride in our Technical & Industrial Service Division, that serves the Industrial sector of Saudi Arabia in general and Hydrocarbon sector in particular.  

If you would like some further inquiry about what we can offer, get in touch with us by using the form below or by contacting us directly, we are available from Sunday to Thursday (8am - 5pm).

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Al-Rayan Building, 4th floor, King Khalid Street

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